What people are saying about ME...

Comments below are the opinions and observations of RaQia Lowo's character, clubs and abilities.

"I am humbled, and MOTIVATED to continue to be ALL that they say I am."

~ RaQia Lowo

Owner | Visionary | Educator/Mentor/Rapper | Child Advocate | Mom

RaQia’s passion to inspire and educate all children has always been her mission.  In addition, Raqia is a motivator.  Also known as “Lady Lo,” she has the ability to take any academic concept or theme and provide meaning and purpose using her unique instructional strategies.   Her educational background and previous experience allow her to become observant about things around her, and she seeks ways to become a problem solver.



RaQia continues to build an excellent rapport with her former students and their parents. She strives for excellence and is a beacon in the community, forming cooking classes and tutoring sessions for students. Her strong work principles, as well as her love for empowering the youth to live out their dreams, make RaQia a change agent today as she launches “Motivational Educators” for our future leaders.




Dr.Sheryl R - Educator







“Energetic and Educational! My son is a huge fan of TKCC! Exactly what we need for today's kids.”

Chevelle H - Parent

“TKCC allows my daughter to express her chatty and bubbly character. Wouldn't have her anywhere else but at TKCC!”

Nikki M - Parent

Raqia Lowo is a passionate, energetic, fun and diligent educator.  She yearns for success for all students and appreciates cultural diversity within the classroom.  She always craves to be the best educator that she can be and constantly seeks ways to develop herself for her students.  Within the classroom, she integrates the arts in order to make learning fun and relevant for all students. 


Her keen sense of lyrical fluidity is inspiring and captivates students’ attention in a way that makes them want to learn. 

She is so distinctively talented because she brings so many different aspects to children that will aid in producing high functioning members of society. 

Emily B – Educator