How You Can Help ME!

What We Do


Motivational Educators, LLC (ME) is a new small business with an even smaller budget, and we need your support. Our programs merge creative expression with academic content. They are student-driven and family-focused.

Why We Do It

Motivational Educators strives to build an alliance between parents, students, and teachers. Our goal is to motivate, educate and build confidence in struggling students to help children become the best version of themselves. It is our hope that this will enable them grow-up to become contributing members of society and future leaders.

Why We Need Your Help

We are a new small business with an even smaller budget. Our target market is students who are performing below grade level.


Unfortunately, most of the students who is struggling academically come from low-income families who can’t afford to pay for academic support.

Please consider sponsoring a student or making a donation to Motivational Educators in support of our vision. We are not a non-profit company, but your contribution will profit the child receiving it, their families, the educators working with them, and the world we live in.

Ways You Can Help ME

  • Sponsor a student for online* tutoring


  • Donate to provide private, or small group online" tutoring sessions


  • In-kind donations (student/club supplies)


  • Make a donation buy purchasing a gift card through GiftUp. 


  • Make donation towards daily cost of operations and growth

* Due to the pandemic, we are only offering online services at  this time.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and will be used to benefit the students we serve. Please contact us for more information on How YOU can Help ME!

Donate by Gift Card