About Motivational Educators

Lady Lo of Motivational Educators

Boys & Girls,

Help ME Help You! 

"Put your BEST foot forward new kicks or not. Be the BEST you, give it all you got!"

~Lady Lo

Meet RaQia - a.k.a (Lady Lo) ​

Motivational Educators, LLC (ME) is the brainchild of RaQia Lowo. RaQia has been in the education field for nearly 20 years, ten of which was within the public-school system.


Early in her career, RaQia worked with Preschoolers and taught academic concepts through play. Upon entering the K-5 arena she became disheartened at the fact that children as young as 5 years old were expected to drop their innate ability to process knowledge, for a more rigorous pen to paper approach.


Realizing that motivation is key, RaQia created a variety of after-school clubs, including drama, cooking, art, and dance to boost the student confidence. The Lady Lo persona was developed out of the RaQia's desire to reach at-risk students.


Longing to do more to help struggling students, RaQia created Motivational Educators, which merges creative expression with academic content to provide child-focused reteaching. 


The name Motivational Educators comes from realizing what is key to reach struggling students, and knowing that there are educators everywhere with the desire to do whatever it takes… even if that means a song and dance.​