"We make you want to raise your hand!"

Our Story​

Motivational Educators lays the foundational skills necessary for struggling students to succeed.

Going back to the basics is key, as students frequently miss important concepts along the way. Each grade becomes more difficult and they lack the confidence to engage. We rebuild those foundations and help kids take charge of their education.

Motivational Educators… We make you want to raise your hand!

We offer upbeat digital tutoring and mentoring sessions that incorporate academic raps, mnemonic devices, apps, online resources, and real-life connections to keep students engaged and excited about learning. Our sessions are guided by our mission phrase MIRROR… Making It Relevant Reaching Our Reachable.


Sometimes students just need someone to SPEAK KID... That's ME!


We break down academic content into kid-relevant words and actions. Our programs are student-driven. Learning is fostered and not forced, giving students a chance to catch up and the retain content. We take the time to go back to basics, to give students the foundation needed for future learning. 

Our goal is to help your child develop their personal best work ethic. In addition to academic instruction, we mentor our students, building confidence. We speak candidly, making real-life connections and discuss the importance of taking ownership of their education at a young age. This is a team effort. We work with your child’s teachers, educators in the field, and most importantly, you the parent. Together we can motivate your child to WANT to do the work, which the first step to comprehension.

Help ME, help YOU, help your child succeed!

Motivational Educators...

"We make you want to raise your hand!"

We relate, We talk, We reach, We teach, We speak KID!

Motivational Educators...

"We make you want to raise your hand!"

  • Online Tutoring - Mentoring

  • Online Book Clubs

  • Creative Reteaching Strategies

  • Online Small Group Sessions

  • Cooking Challenges & Camps*

  • Upbeat After-School Clubs*

  • *When conditions allow

Due to Covid 19, these programs have been temporarily put on hold.

- After-school Clubs

- Cooking Camps